Makeup & Skincare Travel Essentials

Well, it’s pretty crazy at my house getting things together and cleaning things out. I am still packing. I packed a huge majority of things like clothing, shoes, underwear, makeup, toiletries, that kinds of stuff. Of course, there are always those little things that you still need to somehow fit somewhere, like vitamins, feminine products, a picture frame that two pictures of my boyfriend and I that he gave me for Christmas to bring along with me when I go off. Definitely packing those three things I mentioned, and more, I just have to figure out what suitcase or bag I am putting it into, and how to fit it. Along with the picture frame, I was planning on printing extra pictures of him and I, as well as friends and family, but I realized that I have hundreds, even thousands of pictures of my laptop of my boyfriend and everyone else. So in my defense, I pretty much have the pictures wherever I go, and I can save money.

With packing a lot of things, like a mentioned in my last post, I’ll be away for 3 1/2 months (January 20th – May 5th), I had to REALLY think about my makeup situation. Skincare wasn’t bad because I use a specific line of products for my acne. But for makeup…man, there’s a lot. I have half travel-sized and half normal sized products, along with brushes, and somehow, I was able to squeeze everything into a Sephora Beauty on the Fly makeup bag (it’s small let me tell you, but can hold a lot), and a Sephora brush pouch (looks like a fancy pencil pouch). I relly don’t know how I did that. I was able to fit a brand new Beauty Blender IN IT’S ROUND PACKAGING IN THE SMALL ASS BAG. Pardon my french, but we gotta be real here. I am actually forgetting that I am bringing about three eyeshadow palettes in a Sephora Makeup Brush bag, but I have two bags and use them both for palettes. They are great for palettes because they will be safe, and they won’t break unless you do something stupid like climb up somehow and drop it off the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but I don’t think anyone is stupid enough to do that….especially because palettes nowadays are over $30.

ANYWAYS, let’s get into what I am bringing for makeup & skincare. Brace yourselves, there’s gonna be a lot of products…maybe grab a snack:

MAKEUP (not in any particular order, all fits in Sephora Beauty on the Fly Bag):





If I forgot anything, I will add it later, but that is all of the makeup/skincare I am bringing with me abroad! I hope this helps anyone in any traveling situation!


xx Jordan


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