Rainy Tuesday

It’s 2:58 pm as I am writing this, and I am a mix between lazy and just slightly productive. It’s just one of those rainy days. Do I lay in bed, watch YouTube videos, nap, and research traveling? Or do I finish cleaning out my room, finish putting away the tree ornaments (so sad), and polish my boots? Eh, I’ll figure that out, and maybe complete those at like 8 pm. Rainy Days are confusing. I feel like the Universe is testing me on productiveness. Let’s look at what I did today: got out bed (big starter), read my Bible app, skincare routine, ate some food (not the healthiest, but it filled me up), watched Ellen, blasted the Acoustic Pop Spotify Playlist in my living room while taking down tree ornaments, called my work and got some shifts in (early ones, but you gotta make money somehow) ate an apple (okay that’s healthier, we’re getting there), and now I’m back into bed. I have to relax people. Nothing is cozier than laying in blue and gray snowflake FLANNEL (yes, I did say flannel) sheets, a nice comforter, comfy clothes, string lights around the room, and just being able to live in the WARMEST room in the house – AMEN. It all gives off such a nice vibe. It’s so peaceful and quiet in here.

While it’s so peaceful and quiet in my bedroom, it’s giving me a chance to focus and look around. Focus on this blog post, and look around my room. It makes me appreciate of what I have: a closet, a bureau, and a dresser full of clothes (but let’s be honest, I am a girl who is always looking for new clothing items, no matter how much I already have), decor, my Memere’s golden non-digital clock, a BED, light sources, outlets, a ROOF over my head, a great quality speaker, a door that I can close (thank god), precious memories and moments – a picture frame of the first two pictures of Kevin and I on my Instagram (part of my Christmas gift), and the baseball he gave me when he asked me out – two very special items to me, and other memories and items that I store and display all around my room.

It can take the smallest person, place, or thing to make you appreciative of what you have. I always do my best to put myself in other people’s shoes and see their perspectives. You don’t need material items to make you happy, but if you’re like me who wants to become a photographer and loves filming and editing, cameras and a laptop make me pretty happy. Having a loving family, loving friends, what you’re passionate about, and your cat will make you the happiest person ever. It’s up to you to choose happiness. Everyone in the world, even the biggest celebrities have gone through the toughest storms. There is a quote that Taylor Swift wrote that I saw on Pinterest this morning, and it’s a long quote, but I will include this one blurb,

“And you are the person who survived a bunch of rainstorms, and kept walking. I now believe that pain makes you stronger. And I now believe that walking through a bunch of rainstorms gets you clean.”

Great quote, huh? The last sentence very much hit me, because it’s so true. No matter what you’re going through in life, everything always gets better. You can’t just sit around and mope and think, “my life sucks, the worst things always happen to me” and not doing anything about it. Get up, do what you need to do, and figure out your life (harsh reality).

Now this isn’t something that is for everyone because everyone isn’t Christian, but I am. I may not be extremely religious as others, but I do know the difference between good and evil. I have my own morals that I follow, even if they may not match up with yours, but you are you, and I am me. Everyone is different. You can’t expect a Christian girl to be perfect and innocent, with a bow in her hair while licking a lollipop. That is not how I am, and that is certainly not how others are, but there may be a few, and if they are like that, good for them. One thing that at least everyone who does believe in God, does this: read the Bible. Yes, it’s that huge book with a lot of pages and fine print, and uses a specific type of English language that most can’t understand. Those quotes that you happen to see on home decor and on social media for example, “She believed she could so she did,” yeah that’s a bible verse. Luke 1:15 to be exact. That’s my favorite bible verse of all time. I have other favorites, and if you’re interested in finding new, refreshing verses and quotes relating to God, I created this Pinterest board – it get’s me through the day.

So what I am trying to say here is that I really started using my Bible app in the beginning of last January in 2016. I knew that it would help me grow closer to God, and it would bring joy and happiness into my life – and that’s the definite truth. Reading the bible every night for me, I realized that every. single. day. of that month, I was as happy as a dog with a bone, maybe even happier. You could see it on my face, I was just beaming with joy, and pretty much every day was an awesome day for me. I remember there was one day during that month where something didn’t work out as planned, or I had to make a decision, and I didn’t let it ruin my day or my happiness. That’s the key people. Only YOU are in control of your happiness, no one else. For those who are in relationships like myself, my boyfriend has always and will continue to make me the happiest girl alive, and I feel like the luckiest girl alive to be with him. I know that can sound cliche, but I don’t know a better way to explain the love that we have for each other.

The other loves of my life would have to be God and the Bible. I am not forcing you to read the Bible, I am just recommending that you at least try it out. If you’re like me and zone out while reading a physical book in your hand, try the “Holy Bible” app. It’s free, and you can choose what plans you want to read, or you can just dive straight into the Bible. The app will provide you with verses of the day words and images, what you have highlighted in your texts, your plans, etc. It’s a great app. Although if the Bible just isn’t for you, looking up quotes on Pinterest or Google, or just finding what you really love to do, do it. Whatever floats your boat.

Another habit I like to continue with is whenever I wake up, I look upwards and say, “I am happy today!” Even if your day turns out to be crappy, you can at least say that you started with positivity, AND since you’re in control of your happiness, you can decide whether to stay positive or milk the five-minute situation all day.

I guess this kind of turned out like a rant, but it’s more of something that I’ve always wanted to get across to people, and hopefully others will see where I am coming from, and take my advice. Just because it’s rainy and cloudy outside, doesn’t mean you can’t be the sunshine that breaks through.

xx  Jordan


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